Customer service process

Answers may be delayed when inquiring through the app store or Facebook. Contact us at hello@belloeveryday.com with following information
1. Your mobile device type (i.e. Samsung Galaxy A10 or iPhone 11 Pro Max, etc…) + OS version
2. Your Bello account email

1) How should I prepare for a Bello measurement?

For accurate scanning, we recommend scanning the same area of your belly regularly, while you are standing up straight.

2) Can I synchronize my health app to the Bello app?

The Bello app can be synchronized to the Apple Health app & Google Fit app.
We recommend that you upload your basic data onto the Apple Health app or Google Fit app before synchronizing your data to the Bello app. We are currently working on to partnering up with other health apps, so please stay stuned. 

3) Can multiple users use one Bello device?

Bello can be shared with up to 4 users (accounts).
Simply ask others to install the Bello app on their mobile phone and create their own account so that they can connect to your Bello device. They can follow the instructions below.

Instruction for other users: 
1 Install the Bello app and create your user account.  
2 Make sure the Bello device is powered on, but not in belly fat scanning mode.  
Important: If another user’s scan results screen is open in their Bello app, their Bluetooth connection will remain intact and you won’t be able to connect to the Bello device (even if they force close or leave the app). Make sure they tap the “Confirm” button to leave the screen so that you can pair and connect to the device.  
3 Connect to the Bello device from your screen and follow the rest of the belly fat scanning steps.   

4) I am experiencing connection issues with my Bello, what should I do?

For any connection issues, please try the four solutions below:
1 Try “deleting” the app and installing our newest app version from the app store.
2 Go into your device’s Bluetooth settings and click on “Forget this device” before connecting again.
3 Press your Bello’s power button for approximately 10 seconds to reset the device. The Bello’s LED screen will display a square box.
4 The device does not scan or power on while charging, so please unplug the chargin cable before using the device.
If none of the methods above work, please email us at hello@belloeveryday.com with the following information:
1) Your mobile device type (i.e Samsung Galaxy A10 or iPhone 11 Pro Max, etc…)
2) Your mobile device’s OS version
3) A screenshot of the screen you are stuck at

5) What is the “Bello Fat Level”? How is it different from my BMI?

Your “Bello Fat Level” is a score that is based on your belly scan data and information such as your gender, age, height, weight, and waist size. Your “Bello Fat Level” is used to determine whether your score is “healthy” or “excessive” within your age and gender subgroup. Since we are measuring regional fat, not total body fat, we have compared Bello scan results with abdominal CT scan results to ensure a high correlation.

6) Where can I find my actual measurement of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat?

We will provide more detailed information on visceral fat and subcutaneous fat on our upcoming app version update.

7) Do I need to shave my belly for scanning?

Hair, water, and sweat on your skin can affect your belly fat scan, so it is better to shave your belly area before scanning for the most accurate results. Alternatively, or you can avoid areas with lots of hair and scan another area of your belly. Just make sure to scan the same area each time.

8) How should I measure my waist size?

“Wrap a measuring tape around your waist and measure your waist area slightly above or on the navel. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Remove or lift up clothing.
2. Find the top of your hip bone and the bottom of your ribs.
The space between these two bony parts is your waist.
3. Stand up straight and breathe normally.
4. Wrap your tape measure around your waist, parallel to the floor.
Don’t pull too tightly or loosely.
5. Record your measurement.”

9) How does Bello work?

Bello uses NIR (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) technology to scan your abdominal fat directly within 3 seconds and provides an analysis for your metabolic health.

10) Who is a good candidate for Bello?

Bello is designed to improve the quality of life for people who want to prevent or manage metabolic syndrome, and healthy dieters who are concerned about their excessive belly fat.

Individuals who have any of the following conditions are not suitable for Bello:
– Although Bello uses non-radiation, NIR(Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) technology, if you are pregnant, please seek the advice of your medical doctor.

11) How accurate are Bello measurments compared to those of a CT scan?

Bello is a product developed under the exclusive licensing of NIRS measurement technology. We ran a comparative study that confirmed a high correlation of 0.8+ between Bello’s scan results and abdominal CT scan results at a major university hospital.
Bello measurements were also confirmed to be strongly correlated with the Computed Tomography (CT) Scan for subcutaneous and visceral fat.

12) How does Bello determine my Bello Fat Level?

Bello Fat Level is determined by your belly fat scan data and information such as your gender, age, height, weight, and waist size.
Since Bello scans regional fat, instead of total body fat, we have compared its scan reults to abdominal CT scan results to ensure a high correlation. 

13) Why does my location have to be enabled in order to use the app?

In order to connect to any bluetooth device, Android requires users to enable both bluetooth and location permissions.
Since this is Android’s policy, the data is not sent to Bello- we do not have access to your location information. Please note that we cannot change the current connection protocols for Bello since this is not our own policy.

14) Can I view my Subcu fat level and Bello fat% history?

You will be able to view the history from the next app version (after v.1.7) and the history will include all of your previous scan results.

15) Can I scan by belly while charging my Bello?

Bello cannot power on while charging, so please unplug the charging cable before powering on the device.

16) After I update iOS 14, Bello is unable to connect. How can I fix?

Go Setting > scoll down and find Bello app > turn the Bluetooth on

If you still cannot fix the problem, please email us at hello@belloeveryday.com with the following information:
1. Your mobile device type (i.e. Samsung Galaxy A10 or iPhone 11 Pro Max, etc…)
2. Your device’s OS version
3. Your Bello account email ( since our tech administrator cannot find your Bello email account )