Decode your belly fat & manage your health. 


With a belly scan in 3 seconds,
manage your waistline and increase energy.




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Track & Manage Your
Abdominal Health,
Prevent Obesity, &
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Bello is the world’s first portable device that directly measures belly fat with an app providing a guide for recommended food and activities.


Near-Infrared technology

FCC registered

3-Second Scan


4 months use
per charge


Health Guide


It only takes 3 seconds to scan your belly fat


Scan your belly in just 3 seconds daily.


Enhance your daily metabolic activity



Optimize your daily diet & activity.

Why Belly Fat?

Belly fat is known to be one of the critical factors that accelerate metabolic disease and determine the outlook of one’s overall health. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of scientifically accurate solutions that measure belly fat quantitatively and provide personalized oversight.

Manage your belly fat
Make changes for lasting results


Personalized heath guidance with real-time belly fat measurement


Manage your belly fat
Make changes for lasting results

Personalized heath guidance with real-time belly fat measurement

Precision report on current status & potential risks

Tailored guide for food to build healthy eating habits

Recommended exercises ideal for your body type

Your belly determines your body’s overall health


The science behind Bello

Near-infrared technology behind Bello measures lipid, water, oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin. Bello is the first and only portable device that can directly quantify lipid underneath the skin and provide the most accurate measurement of belly fat, anytime anywhere.

Use the Bello app to make the right choices, everyday

Gain insights on your health for metabolic and fat index.

Scan your Belly regularly to keep you on track


  Watch curated exercise & lifestyle digital content


Search “Bello Decode” in the App Store / Google Play

Personalized plan for sustained goal progress.

Once you’ve done your scan for the day, the app will make recommendations for your diet and exercise. You can use these recommendations to help steer towards creating healthy habits, having more energy and staying on track for your long term goals.

Stay healthy with Bello

“I was skeptical at first. Getting rid of my chronic belly fat seemed impossible but after using Bello, I was able to achieve my goals.”

Ryan Mudge

“I always thought I was fit because I could eat anything I wanted and still managed to stay slim. After using Bello, I realized the importance of my diet in relation to body fat.”

Dee Son

“I started taking cholesterol medication at the age of 38 With Bello, I was educated on the importance of lipid measurement and started paying more attention to managing fat and prevent further blood clogging. My doctor told me with regular exercise and controlled diet, I could stop taking the medication. I look forward to following personalized instructions from Bello and lead a happier life without medicines!”


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